After over 12 years regulatory experience with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), a clear message from industry and commerce was evident to Angus Spirit… That was that there was a great demand for genuine expertise in environmental consultancy, advice and guidance – usually in the form of an ECoW – Environmental Clerk of Works and/or an EA – Environmental Advisor.

Using the well established network established from his regulatory role in the water & waste sectors, Angus took the opportunity to set up his own environmental support service: Envirassist.

Since its inception in March 2011, Envirassist has worked with some large UK construction companies ensuring compliance with best practice, ecological and environmental legislation in order to support projects and protect the environment.

Envirassist has supplied ECoWs & EAs to both the clients and the principal contractors. The two roles are different but those very different experiences allows a holistic view and an appreciation of how to support development projects.

The company is committed to continuing professional development. Keeping pace with changes in legislation and best practice in the industry is vital to the role of EcoW/EA.


Let your environmental concerns be our focus!

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ENVIRASSIST – More than an Environmental Contractor

From the outset you’ll realise that we are 100% committed to the environment.

Envirassist draws on 17 years of ‘sharp end’ practical site experience. Our clients tell us that they like the immediacy of our analysis and the pragmatism we adopt in providing our clients with practical solutions.

The construction industry can throw up many unforeseen issues in an instant and we are available to resolve them.

“You can’t do this job at any less than 100%.” Angus Spirit, Envirassist

Envirassist carries out its work according to codes of practice & guidelines set out by the Chartered Institute of Environmental & Ecological Management (CIEEM), the Chartered Institute of Water & Environmental Management (CIWEM) and the Association of Ecological & Environmental Clerk of Works (AEECoW).

We are confident that you will find working with Envirassist a positive experience.

Angus Spirit of Envirassist
Angus Spirit, Environmental Advisor - Envirassist

Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW)

Envirassist covers a range of competencies, the company is most noted for providing wide skill set and highly experienced ECoWs and Environmental Advisor service to the construction industry.

Taking on the role of ECoW, Envirassist is responsible for ensuring that site contractors and management are provided with the correct information in order that impact on the environment due to the development is minimised. This can often require decisions to be made quickly, sometimes in highly pressured circumstances. Sound judgement is a critical.

The role can vary depending on the project we are working on. We can:

  • Conduct pre-construction surveys to determine sensitive habitats and/or protected species
  • Assess and monitor biodiversity in proximity to the site
  • Ensure compliance with ecological and environmental legislation
  • Advise on site management and working practices to avoid environmental issues

Where we operate

Based in the North of Scotland, Envirassist has worked extensively in this region of the country. We have a vast network of contacts and relationships that have been established over many years. We have formed associations in order to provide a service for specific jobs.

The majority of our contracts have been for projects within the Scottish Highlands, but that is not to say that we cannot operate out with the area.

We are always keen to explore interesting new projects where we feel we can provide support.

Detailed functions of Envirassist capabilities


Pre-planning – support services – site walkover, surveying, sampling etc.
Controlled Activities Regulations licensing – all licence management/processing.
Waste management.
Liaising with stakeholders (eg SEPA, SNH, LA Planning Dept.) and providing reports.


Environmental site management.
Site inspections, monitoring and reporting.


Habitat management plans
Ecological surveys throughout the project
Protected species surveying
Mitigation against development works
Opportunities with SuDS
Habitat Enhancement


Pollution prevention – advice/guidance, investigations and responses.
Diffuse Pollution – advice on control & treatments.
Expertise in sustainable solutions.


River catchment reconnaissance.
Drainage solutions – management & treatments, licence processing.
Planning on drainage issues.
Phase 1/NVC surveys.
Waste minimization.
Waste Management Licence exemptions.


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At Envirassist, we are always keen to chat about exciting new projects that require environmental expertise. It could be a completely new project or an existing site where issues have been encountered.


There were many ecological & environmental aspects to manage at Bad a Cheo. The terrain, the extensive existing drainage network leading to a major tributary of the R Thurso (SAC), the proximity of nesting habitat (SPA) for greenshank and other wading birds were only some issues to be managed.
Angus’ management, knowledge & skills definitely contributed to the success & smooth running of the Bad a Cheo construction phase.

Ally Morrison, Site Agent Bad a Cheo Windfarm, FARRANS CONSTRUCTION

Protected species (Hen Harrier and Water Vole) were just 2 of the ecological issues which had to be managed as part of the the ECoW role on this cabling job. The major environmental issue was the directional drilling under a major tributary of the Wick River. Not only was Angus’ pre works surveying and input extremely helpful in reducing the potential for environmental impact but his on site ECoW knowledge, skills & reporting during the project were effective and thorough. There were no ecological or environmental incidents throughout the works. I would therefore recommend Angus as an ECoW/Environmental Advisor’

Marcia Humes, Senior Environmental Consultant – Ecology

‘Angus’ knowledge and ECoW skills supported the project to good effect. Liaising well with both site management and operational staff, this resulted in a smoothly executed job with not one environmental issue throughout the entire civils phase.

Craig Donn, Agent, RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd

RJ McLeod were grateful to Envirassist who stepped in at short notice (midway through the job) as Environmental Advisors at Blaraidh Windfarm from August to December 2016. This was a busy time with pressure to complete road construction, turbine base excavations & pours before the onset of winter – which we successfully achieved. Envirassist worked alongside the client’s ECoW to good effect, supporting the project .

Scott MacKay, Site Agent, RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd

As a company, NES prides itself on using only top quality professionals with a proven track record. Envirassist Ltd have that level of experience and professionalism.

We have worked with them in the past and we know that they can deliver.

Currently they are working with us on a peatlands restoration project at Burn O’ Whilk in Caithness and have recently assisted us in winning a contract for 2017/18 at Bad a Cheo Windfarm. We look forward to working alongside Envirassist Ltd. in this project.

Angus supported our construction project from the outset as Environmental Advisor/Manager. He was a valuable asset to the site management team, providing both environmental and ecological advice. His role in the design of both the site drainage and habitat management plans are examples of his extensive practical input.

James Thompson, Balfour Beatty PT&D, Thurso Substation Site Manager

Envirassist provided an unrivalled complete environmental package during the construction works at Strathy North Wind Farm.  Angus particular understanding of the fine balance between environmental and construction works was essential for our pre-planning of excavation works that included but not limited to mitigation, de-watering measures and liaising with the Client’s requirements.  His knowledge of the environmental legislation was paramount to the smooth running of the contract and the service provided to RJ McLeod was to a very high standard. Angus’ experience of both freshwater & terrestrial protected species & habitats was  highly relevant on such an ecologically sensitive site.

Ryan McLean: RJ McLeod (Strathy Wind Farm)

Angus and I worked together on a number of habitat improving functions on the Helmsdale River. He proved helpful and knowledgeable in obtaining appropriate environmental licenses required for works on the River Helmsdale.  He knew his brief and understood the environmental ecology also.  It was a pleasure working with him.

Envirassist provides a great service for me. I receive first class technical advice on waste and Controlled Activities Regs guidance . I know that I can call Envir-assist for a prompt response. I recently required a method satatement for works  in proximity to a major salmon river. Envirassist had this to me within 24 hours.

Gerald Henderson, GMR Henderson Construction Ltd, Caithness

I must also thank Angus Spirit, Ecological Clerk of Works for his useful advice and help throughout the year. (FNL Fisheries Trust Report No 01-2014)

Robert Laughton: Director Nairn, Lossie & Findhorrn Fisheries Trust

It was a great pleasure to have you on the team at Berry Burn Angus. Flexibility and adaptability were part of a long list of pluses. Hope we work together again sometime soon.

Mike Davis: Senior Project Engineer, Wind Prospect Group

Angus provided me with a valuable freshwater sampling and site reconnaissance service over many former mining sites – some of them remote – which contributed to my research & subsequent publication.

Professor Paul Younger, University of Newcastle on Tyne
Beinneun Windfarm Case Study Feature Image

BEINNEUN WINDFARM, Beinneun, Invermoriston

RJMcLeod are the Principal contractors (PC) engaged to build the 32 turbine windfarm on the steep & craggy mountainous slopes above Beinneun Forest.
Enabling works began in August 2015. Envirassist were asked to join the site management team in February 2016. Envirassist have provided an environmental site manager (ESM)…


At Envirassist, we are always keen to chat about exciting new projects that require environmental expertise. It could be a completely new project or an existing site where issues have been encountered and requires environmental consultancy.

We are passionate about the work we do and would be happy to have an outline chat regardless of whether you intend to take us on in a contractor capacity.


Let your environmental concerns be our focus!

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